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An effective and interactive live meeting

A Webinar is the most required and successful formula for organizing online seminars involving speakers and interactive participants. Through a webinar it’s possible to organize training courses and events with very large audiences, amplifying with the same widespread and involvement of a live event.

The webinar is much more than a private TV.

Not only HR and marketing managers but all company roles are currently using webinars to carry out various training and activities outside of their companies, while keeping direct contact with their interlocutors.

An effective and interactive live meeting An effective and interactive live meeting An effective and interactive live meeting
Like in a conference room

The webinar formula is a group of speakers and a very large group of participants who can express their opinion, ask questions, vote and answer polls and be invited on the “stage” together with the speakers.

Speakers can stay in front of the PC but also in a videoconference room or in an equipped studio.

Like in a conference room
Webinar with Ayno

Ayno helps many companies working with webinars.

It presents the platform and organizes training sessions, follows the client in the conception of the webinar model most suitable for the requested occasion. The customer is followed in the general tests, in the management of the event itself and in the analysis of performance and participation data.

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Webinar with Ayno