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Room & Desk booking
Workspace management tailored to smart working

Work is changing, becoming more dynamic, fast and elastic. Smart working gives people the flexibility and independence to choose their own spaces, times and work tools. The need to rethink the way we work brings an urgent need to re-design company spaces and refresh our ideas of the desk, office and meeting room.

Workplace transformation cannot be achieved without a far-reaching technological revolution that can reconcile the smart worker’s needs with those of productivity and efficiency.
Flexibility necessarily requires tech tools to support day-to-day operations. This includes the ability to book desks and the most suitable meeting room (the right size but also with the right technology and services), to work with the right team, at the right moment, either in-house or by remote.

Workspace management tailored to smart working Workspace management tailored to smart working Workspace management tailored to smart working
Our solutions

Booking rooms, desks and finding colleagues simply and instantly, is now possible with the Room & Desk Booking systems.

The correct design of the spaces with the most sensible endowment of the necessary technologies fulfills important criteria for allocating the budget, return on investment and scalability, so it becomes essential to rely on the most experienced Partner who is able to recognize and manage the technological needs for new spaces and new ways of working.

Our solutions