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A team of expert designers carefully studies and designs the best solutions and the most suitable technologies to meet the technological and economic needs of our customers

The Project

Standardization and modularity for any environment.

It is essential to define the technological standards that govern the design, implementation and operation of all your collaboration systems to create a coherent and manageable environment.

Our planning and design service lets you define, adopt and share AV standards for standardized modular solutions. These standards can be applied to any type of workplace, from a huddle room or boardroom through to larger more sophisticated spaces.

In this way we can guarantee a coherent user experience and rapid and efficient execution.

With our holistic vision, we point up the potential impacts of new technology on your organization, suggest the best solutions and offer adoption programmes for the whole company.

The Project
Standards definition

An intuitive and homogeneous UX for technologies designed around you.

Our team of advisors works with you to define a catalogue of standardized solutions for your business.

Depending on your specific needs and the geographical distribution of your offices around Italy or the world, we decide together which solutions best meet your need for standardized workspaces.

This may be based on an existing AYNO catalogue, saving months of planning and testing, costs and additional risks, a tailored catalogue of personalized solutions, or a mix of both.

Standards definition
Workplace integration

We create connections between people, spaces and technologies to furnish fully integrated work solutions.

Through our holistic vision of spaces, working methods, job roles and tech functionality, we are able to harmonize technical, spatial and operative planning, working in close contact with acoustic and lighting experts and interior designers.

Our engineers assess each component to ensure seamless technical and architectural integration that always puts the user at the centre.

User friendly configurations, ergonomic spaces and adoption plans that optimize technological investment in terms of collaboration and productivity.

We speak to all the stakeholders – CIOs, facility managers, architects and executives – to ensure the overall coherence of our projects in all your spaces and offices in Italy and around the world.

Workplace integration
Room & Space design

Harmony in every space

The user’s experience can be significantly affected by apparently insignificant technological details. The effect of technology on productivity directly impacts Return On Investment.

For instance, the position of a display in relation to the sunlight will affect the real effectiveness of the technology used.

Our technicians maintain a continual dialogue with the client and, applying the best design criteria, decide the most sustainable and coherent ergonomic solution for your workspaces. Each project is CAD designed and, if necessary, supplemented with 3D rendering.


Whatever the working environment or technology – audio-video, videoconferencing, digital signage, room booking or desk booking – our designers always make sure to take into account the overall budget, from realization to maintenance.

Room & Space design
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